Coastal Waters Torquay is located just 300 yards from the harbour, town centre and the beach. Being so close to these places means that there are so many activities to take part in and even new tastes to try. We always encourage our guests to take part in local attractions and we even have a recommendation for seafood lovers.

Brixham Fish Market

Our recommendation for seafood lovers is the local fish market! Brixham is England’s largest fish market, in terms of the number of fish sold. The fishing industry operating in Brixham can be dated way back to the 14th century. The fish market today is known for its reputation for high-quality and tasty fish.

The market features over 40 different species of fish and you have the chance to taste every one if you have the time and money. The market itself deals with over £25 million of fish each and every year, hence the need for a fleet of approximately 70 boats.

How it works

The fleet head out to catch fish in the early hours and when they return, there catch will be sold to fish buyers at the daily Brixham Fish Market auction. The market typically starts at around 6:00 am, you might not want to give up your morning sleep, but it is an event you cannot miss.

Fan of fish

If you seriously love your seafood, you can even book a tour to see the auction at Brixham Market. You will be at the heart of the auction that has been happening for years. Enjoy the buzz of the crowd, the enthusiasm of the auctioneer and the smell of that gorgeous sea-air.

Being so close to the market, you wouldn’t forgive yourself if you ventured home without having a taste of this local delicacy. Even in one bite, you will taste the freshness of the fish and just how high-quality it is. We are sure you will taste the difference between the fish cooked to perfection at the market, compared to the fish you have at home.

Visiting the Brixham Fish Market

If any of the information about the Brixham Fish Market has intrigued you and you want to take a trip to this beautiful holiday destination, get in touch today. We would love to meet you, your family and friends, and show you first-hand what Torquay has to offer.