Come with us on a journey through time as we discuss the fascinating stories that surround the English Riviera.

This blog post will explore the history of the English Riviera, including where it got its name in Victorian times. It will also address the key historical moments along the way such as the visit to Torquay from Princess Victoria in 1833 and the arrival of US Army personnel during WWII.

The English Riviera and us

We will start off with our involvement with the English Riviera. Coastal Waters is located a mere 7-minute walk from the English Riviera Visitor Information centre, perfect for a family outing. Other activities surround the English Riviera including the Royal Terrace Garden, Princess Gardens and Torquay Marina.

The name

As mentioned, the English Riviera got its name in Victorian Times as visitors would compare the warm weather to the French Riviera; therefore, the logical step would be to add the ‘English’ element to the name by simply adding the word.

Princess Victoria

Back in 1833 Princess Victoria visited Torquay for the very first time. Who knew that the place in which she made her first steps ashore would be the inspiration behind the naming of the Victoria Parade that is held to honour that special place. A momentous occasion that is marked in history forever, can you imagine being in the same place that Princess Victoria stood?

US Army Personnel

Fast-forwarding through time to 1944 marks the arrival of thousands of US Army Personnel that arrived in Torquay. These personnel were preparing for the build-up of forces in Southern England. There is now a famous mural that is used as evidence for their visit.

Come visit

There are so many more stories that surround the English Riviera from international racing events to the Torre Abbey, which is over 800 years old! You and your family can stay in the modern family-run hotel that is Coastal Waters and explore then leisurely explore the Torquay Harbour, which is only 300 yards away.

With a personal service, central location, and so much history to explore, you need to book your room today!

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