Holidaying on a budget can be fun as you will be able to experience activities and events that are off the beaten path, which therefore means you, will be able to have a unique experience. This blog post will look at eight different things that can be done for FREE in the local area.

Some of the main things discussed will be visiting the stunning village of Cockington, watching the fisherman at Paignton Harbour, building the best sandcastles, Occombe Farm, and riverside walks.

1. Venture to the village of Cockington

The grounds of Cockington Court are a great day out for all the family. The grounds and village contain a stunning manor house and a preserved village. The village is filled with elements such as a tea room, water-mill, and well-kept cottages.

Your children will love the play area, whereas couples will enjoy the beautiful rose garden. There is truly something for everyone in this village.

2. Seafront walk

At Cary Gardens, you can walk along the seafront surrounded by well-kept gardens, flowers and palm trees. There is an array of flowers to capture your attention during your lovely stroll and even a park area for the kids. Whether you are looking to walk, run or cycle, this is certainly a route to enjoy with the whole family.

3. Occombe Farm adventure

Experience rural life by taking a trip to Occombe Farm, where you can make an adventure on a tractor or see what animals are on the farm. You and your family can even experience the nature walk. Take along a picnic and make a day of it.

4. Castle Competition

The beauty of having so much sand at your disposal is that you can have a sandcastle building competition! With so many beaches to choose from, no matter where you stay, you will have access to the beach.

5. Paignton Harbour

Brightly coloured fishing boats line up at the harbour, and you get to experience that, along with seeing the fishermen coming back into the dock with the fish they have caught. This event will entertain your children as they will see the whole process and will be truly captivated in the event.

6. Hope’s nose

Take a walk down to Hope’s nose, which is close to Torquay. This area is a beautiful place to go to enjoy your afternoon and is suitable to take the kids if they are supervised.

7. Crabby kids?

Go back to a traditional past time by going crabbing with your children. For those of you that are not familiar with crabbing, it involves catching crabs. All you need to do this sport is a bucket, a small fishing net, a piece of string, and some tasty bait!

There are so many places to go crabbing that you can do it at any point in your holiday.

8. Paignton Pier

This last activity is free to attend; however, to participate in most activities, it will cost. The cost entirely depends on you though, as there are plenty of arcades to enjoy, ice-cream parlours to attend and even bumper cars. You can enjoy the view for free and walk across the beach.

If you decide to take a trip to Torquay, our doors are always open here at Coastal Waters!